Views of Different Scientists

       The religionist strengthens his faith by the testimony of prophets who have seen or had close experiences of the divine.

       The scientist has faith in the testimony of predessor scientists, who have performed and recorded their results of their experiments.    --------- Dr. John Lamb, professor of Chemistry. Brigham Young University "The Dogma Trap" 2014 Summerhays Lecture


 The result of many discoveries is that “dogmatic materialism in physics is dead” and if “we had all been as wise as Galileo and Newton it would never have been born, for dogmatism in any form violates the essence of the scientific method, which is to collect with an open mind the brute facts and let them speak for themselves untrammeled by preconceived ideas or by general philosophies or universal systems. ------- See: Robert A. Millikan, physics Nobel laureate and Darwin doubter      by Jerry Bergman   --   J. of Creation 24(1) 2010 p.91

       “scientific progress is not the most important” but rather the “most important thing in the world is a belief in the reality of moral and spiritual values.”

------- Robert A. Millikan  "Science and Life" The Pilgrim Press, Boston MA 1924 p. 36.

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25.08 | 10:54

Thanks, It is simple and neat. Even straight to the point. God Bless.

28.11 | 22:04

Every system, whether molecular, individual or society, without outside intelligent direction will gravitate to chaos. God is the source of intelligence.

07.10 | 21:15

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12.01 | 16:09

This is such a great article - thanks! I believe a call to action is what we all need - religion is action not a passive reading assignment. Thanks

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